Our unique process will facilitate your product design and product marketing goals in the fastest manner possible.  We have perfected an integrated process to operate effectively within the unique framework of design, manufacture, and mass retail; this synergistic relationship will allow you to be actively or passivly involved throughout the entire process.  You can select our turnkey solutions or you can choose any individual service we offer.  We are always available to advise you along the way.

          Product idea validation 
          Intellectual Property (Patents)
          Product illustration
          Marketing review
          Retailer/Broker feedback
          Product validation & review
  • Step Two - Designing your product
          Product image refinement
          Product engineering
          Prototyping (Looks/Works like model)
          Pricing for tooling
          Market analysis and planning
          Sales plan development


“... if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door...”



          Production engineering 
          Tooling procurement
          Production release
          Order finalization
          Packing design & Sales materials
          Production samples & Scheduling
  • Step Four - Marketing your product
          Product orders from retailers
          Shipping & Logistics coordination
          Establishment of inventory
          Invoice & EDI setup
          Update on production schedule
          Reorder process